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No surprise that I did not get called back as they had promised to resolve the illegal billing past the date that they had terminated the service. I spoke to somebody else though, after having to convince the stupid menu to just connect me with an agent (why is that so hard?) and they promise me that not only will I not be billed again, but that they have applied the credit for the time after the termination already so it should not be deducted from my bank account.

Lucky I didn’t use a credit card ever in my dealings with them though: once again demonstrating their lack of technical ability, an AT&T computer system was hacked over the weekend and 19,000 credit card numbers were stolen from it. The numbers belonged to customers who had purchased DSL equipment at their online store. What concerns me is that this is just the break-in they know about. Given my recent experiences with them, I wonder how many other systems have been compromised that they just don’t know about yet…

One thought on “AT&T Update

  1. gack! the “phonecompany” … unfortunately, i live too far from the central office for anyone to provide me a dsl line, including the idiots at the phonecompany – although they’ve been stringing me along for a while about their fictional fibre-to-the-curb bullshit. if it weren’t for the fact that the cablecompany easily outstrips pacbell/sbc/at&t for incompetence, i’d move my dialtone over there. but as my “high-speed” (isn’t) internet fails at least once a week, no way.

    any recommendations for alternative phone service? wireless is out, too, as again, we get crappy coverage out in the hills.

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