New House

New HouseSaturday morning I took the camera and my bike and cycled over to the site of our new house to get some exterior photos (I already have interior ones from the pre dry wall inspection we were invited to join last week). So, here is the front of the house so far.

After that, I cycled over to the recently closed Chevy’s, and around the marina area there (trying to find a different way back along the docks, but I didn’t find one and ended up going back down Tinker and through Bayport).

3 thoughts on “New House

  1. John,

    Congrat…out of the plan 9 this is my favorite Elevation and the plan 9 is a great plan. We love it here at Bayport. All though I am on the other side of the Park it will be nice to have you as a neighbor. One thing I have found since living here is you always see your neighbors on the street and they are friendly. I know more of my neighbors here after one year than I did living on the same block in SF for 5 years. It is a great place to live.


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