Back Again

Been a busy January! Lots to do getting the house set up (and still a lot more to do), then three days in Las Vegas for CES 2007 followed by a week in Puerto Vallarta with friends for a much needed break!

There have a been a lot of updates to Devicescape’s hotspot login service too in the last month (and there are more things on the way). This week we are at DEMO’07 showing off the hotspot login service. We have almost 40 networks in the list (10 confirmed working, the rest still in an experimental state) and are adding them as fast as our community members send them in.

I’m a long way behind on photo uploads; I still need to rebuild my office following the move which has not helped – hopefully I’ll get that done this week. I need to sort out which photos to get prints of for the house too, and find a way to display my magnetic photo collection (my old apartment door was metal so I had the inside of it covered in magnetic 4×6 photos).

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