T-Mobile SDA, Devicescape, FON and Skype

One of three (silent) iSight movies I made of Devicescape-enabled devices connecting automatically to my FON hotspot here at home. To prove that it is connected, I then use the Skype application that I installed on the phone to make a call to their testing service.

This combination of cell phone, wi-fi, Devicescape and a VoIP service like Skype makes for a very compelling solution. I used tihs as my cell phone on our recent trip to Mexico since it allowed me to be on the cellular network in case somebody needed me, but use the free hotel wi-fi network to call home at Skype-out rates.

If you want to check the other two videos I made, one is the Linksys WIP300 connecting and receiving a call, the other is the Nokia 770 web tablet (I don’t have an 800 unfortunately) connecting and then going to a web page.

Can you do better? Make a video of your device connecting using Devicescape and send me the link to it through the comments here (or the Devicescape forums). I’d love to see more 🙂

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