Stock Spam

The SEC announced this morning that is was suspending trading in a number of stocks that have been affected by the email stock scams going around. The other day though I received something that looks remarkably like those emails, only it was in the form of a glossy four page brochure through the regular mail.

You can read the whole thing (PDF), but perhaps the most amusing part of the whole four page document is the start of the disclaimer block on the last page:

This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. This four page information package is for entertainment purposes only, don’t rely on any information in it, verify all information from third party sources.

Or, in other words, this whole thing is a bunch of lies we made up to try and pump a stock we invested too much money in. I have already reported it to the SEC. If you have received similar mailings, perhaps drop a line to them at and let them know you received one too. Perhaps they’ll suspend this one before too many people get burned taking this “entertainment” seriously.

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