Captain’s Castle

Sat down at the ferry terminal this evening on my way home, and next to me on the seat somebody had left a copy of San Francsico Bay Area Homes (that .com really is there on the cover!). On the back cover was the photo I’ve added to this post, and a summary description of a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house in San Francisco’s Seacliff area.

I remembered reading about this house a few weeks back, but couldn’t remember what the story was. Tonight, I found the story again. The house is owned by Gateway Computers’ founder’s wife, but they’ve never lived in it. Instead, they spent a small fortune (around 8 houses here at Bayport worth) in rennovations and now have the property on the market for $25.9M. And the real estate agent believes somebody will buy this as a second or third house and pay cash for it! I’m in the wrong business 🙁

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