CanceledSo, after getting up very early (4:30am), making it to Stockholm’s Central Station just after 5am, and getting into Arlanda airport around 5:30am, I discover that my 8am departure to London, SAS flight 525, has been cancelled.

Worse than that though, all the flights to London that were on the board had been cancelled. I asked what was going on, and was told that SAS cabin crew were on strike and that I should go to the ticket desk to see what I could do about changing my flight.

One VoIP call to United and a long conversation with the SAS represenative revealed that SAS had canceled all flights out, and that my best option would be a flight to London via Munich, leaving around 4:30pm and getting me into London almost 12 hours after my original arrival time.

So, I’m spending the day here at Arlanda airport. I’m also running low on batteries for the laptop, and since finding power outlets here is such a hassle, I might just give up when it gets to 10% and read a book instead!

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