Save Internet Radio

SaveNetRadio.orgOf all the Wi-Fi enabled devices I own or use regularly (and since I work for a Wi-Fi company that’s quite a lot of devices) is my Roku Labs Soundbridge M2000. This amazing little device sits in our family room, connected to the Denon stereo system, and can play music either from my PowerBook’s iTunes library when I have it switched on, or more importantly to me from internet radio stations.

I’ve always been a big fan of radio (I tend to listen to radio in the car in preference to CDs, unless they talk too much or play too many commercials). Most nights I switch on the M2000 and listen to internet radio (currently‘s Best of the 80‘s channel).

But it seems that the exceptionally short-sighted and greedy music industry is trying to shut down internet radio by making them pay outrageous royalties on the music that they play. Quite why they should be paying more royalties than FM stations or satellite radio stations I don’t know. Seems stupid to me, so how about helping keep internet radio alive by heading over to

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