Just a short note to anybody who finds my site because they’re tracing spam received from addresses in the domain. Once again, the spammers have selected my domain to use in their forged sender addresses. I see some of these emails because they bounce, or are blocked by spam filters which are still stupid enough to send responses back to the sender address, as if that is ever valid on spam these days!

The folks at Barracuda Networks are top of my list for stupidity in this regard. You’ve made it into my filter list now so any email coming from your tool will be trashed instantly. For a company that is supposed to specialise in spam, you seem to be remarkably clueless on how to deal with it:

Just drop it – do not send it ‘back’ since it almost certainly didn’t come from the address in the ‘From’ line anyway, so all you’re doing is spamming somebody else who had nothing to do with it.

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