Whole Foods Market, Oakland

Whole Foods Market, OaklandStopped by the new Whole Foods Market supermarket in Oakland this afternoon to pick up some things that are hard to get in other places (e.g. Quorn), and also to add their free Wi-Fi network, which has a click to connect portal, to the set supported by Devicescape.

I successfully connected using my Thinkpad (running FC4 Linux because I’m too lazy to upgrade it), my Nokia N95 and the my still-modified iPhone.

My only complaint about the store was that there were no pastries on sale at the coffee bar. Their loss more than mine since I just opted for the coffee without the snack (probably better for me too!). I guess you’re supposed to walk around the corner to the bakery first, but if they want people to sit in the coffee shop area working and keep re-ordering, please include the option of buying some tasty pastries too 🙂

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