Mitt Romney Clearly Very Desperate

Well, no reply to the email I sent through their website (perhaps I should send them a thousand or so copies of it so I make sure they see it). I get home tonight though and sure enough there’s another message on my home answering machine from the idiot’s campaign. This time he’s just bad mouthing his opponent, McCain. Another sure sign of desperation if you ask me; when you are unable to win on actual issues, the only thing left is to spread rumours and lies about your opponents. And that seems to be what he’s doing today.

And they say this is a model democracy? I’d say it is the most dysfunctional democracy I’ve ever seen. Sure, it is one, which puts it ahead of places that aren’t, but only just. And if this year has as many issues of possible fraud, and all the dirty tricks to prevent people’s votes from counting, perhaps even that status might start to be questionable.

Update: Make that two calls today as the jerk just made another call, again recorded. Only this time he suggested that I call his California campaign office (which is apparently in Massachusetts, which might come as a surprise to anybody making the call who actually pays for long distance calling themselves). The number is (857) 288 6400.

One thought on “Mitt Romney Clearly Very Desperate

  1. heh! hern politics, eh? like me, you’re not even enfranchised. correct? but are you on the do not call list? i’ve not been pestered by any of these dumbo polit robotrolls & i was even stupid enough to give money in the last electoral cycle …

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