Backslash?Why is it that people just cannot get URLs right. The backslash in there between nchs and nhanes.htm is wrong. It shouldn’t be in the URL, and even more bizarre in this case: they only got one wrong. Didn’t anybody think that was odd?

It works, presumably because the CDC is also stupid enough to have fallen for the ‘Windoze can be a server’ lie. Windoze just about passes as an office automation suite. It is not an OS, and it certainly isn’t a server OS. Anybody who installs it as a server OS, or recommends it as a server OS, should be fired.

3 thoughts on “Backslash?

  1. My that’s quite a backlash against the backslash. Them’s fighting words – I wonder what Microsoft will do with all those BSD machines at Yahoo? I think they think they have an “OS” to replace them. Or is this whole $40 billion expenditure just so they can embrace open source and make themselves appear to be all multicultural in the OS department.

    Maybe you should start national “Install GNU/Linux (or BSD) on your bosses computer day”, that would be a hoot! I’m willing to bet your boss is running Windows and is on intimate terms with his backslash!

  2. Given how much pain they went through to “replace” the hotmail servers when they acquired that, I would hope they have enough sense to not even try to replace all the Yahoo servers with ‘doze. Last I heard, hotmail’s backend was still running on unix machines, just with ‘doze front ends so that anybody looking saw IIS. That was a while back though, so perhaps they’ve finally worked out how to do email with Windows (bet it isn’t running exchange though).

    As for the boss’ computer, I’m working on getting people onto a BSD derivative (OS X). Our IT team spends 90 % of its time fixing problems with Windows machines that have become slow, stopped working completely or have other random issues. The Macs and Linux boxes in the office just keep working. There comes a time when you want the tool to just work, and not need to be tweaked, or fixed every time you want to use it.

  3. ah mate. i bring sad news from the bowels of the network: the truth is more than half of all servers on this benighted planet are running the fooking crud from redmond. not only are they in the majority inside data centres but they’re also far too prevalent on the edges of the network, actually accessible to the great unwashed. pathetic, innit?

    now what i’m looking for is someone who wants to hire a tetchy writer who’s sick to the back teeth of windows & the various bits of vomitware that run upon it, including framemaker …

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