Nokia Maps & the 3D View

3D ViewEarlier this week I was playing with the maps function built into my Nokia N95, which it seems is a version of Smart2Go. Aside from the slow start on the GPS (even with A-GPS it is not always that quick to get a location), the mapping works well and I’ve used it a lot.

My reason for looking at it in more detail was wanting to know whether the paid option has the one feature that is annoyingly missing from the free version: automatic recalculation of the route if you miss a turn. I didn’t get an answer to that, but for less than $15 I can enable the feature for 30 days and see how well it works on a test drive I guess.

The other thing I discovered is that the maps have a 3D view option (hit ‘0’ to toggle). I’d never noticed that option in the menu before. Switching to it revealed something odd though – the cross hairs that mark the GPS position adjusted to the new perspective. The box that normally keeps track of the GPS location until you move it manually away, did not take the new perspective into account. Take a look at the 2D version here!

The big thing with the 3D view, which is also a problem with the 2D view on the phone, is that it doesn’t rotate based on the direction you’re traveling. That gets very confusing when you’re heading south!

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