Comcast Closure

Well, it took a little while, but eventually Christina from Comcast’s national customer care center called me, and left me a number to call her back on. After a little phone tag, we eventually connected and she was able to see the payment that went to the transitional account as well as the ones to the new Comcast account. Something that none of the other people I’d spoken to at Comcast had been able to achieve (all claiming that I’d need to talk to the other group to get the problem resolved!).

Long story short, in a matter of minutes she managed to apply the old payment to the new account, and also credited me one month’s service to account for the increased price.

So, if you ever need to contact Comcast to get something resolved, skip the regular customer service and go straight to the national center. It is staffed by people who care, know how to fix things and have the authority to fix them too! Their email address is, or you can get them on Twitter too via @ComcastCares.

Hopefully somebody in Comcast’s upper management is going to take a look at the way the APT transition was handled and make sure that this kind of debacle can never happen again. The cost in terms of support calls and truck rolls could easily have been avoided (and in the current climate, avoiding unnecessary costs should be high on the agenda).

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