iNewz 2.7 (Coming soon)

iNewz 2.7Update: iNewz 2.7 is now available on the iTunes App Store (as are iNewz Tech 2.7 and iNewz Green 2.7).

Busy weekend this weekend. I finally got the update for iNewz (and iNewz Tech) that I’ve been working on for a while now submitted to Apple for review.

What’s new?
Well, the most visible differences are the switch to the black top bar (somehow it looks a little more sophisticated to me), and moving the thumbnail images from the left to the right in the headlines view. “Huh?” you ask. Well, the other big difference is that when there is no image for an article, it no longer displays the placeholder iNewz icon. And with the images on the left that made for a ragged left edge which was hard on the eyes.

So, images are on the right, when available, and they’re scaled to keep their aspect ratio and feature rounded corners now (yes, I’ve been having some fun with the CG section of the SDK!).

Another big change: Maintenant, iNewz inclus les actualités français. Nouvelles de langue française vient de France et au Canada.

iNewz Tech
The technology variant of iNewz picks up the same UI changes of course, and a few extra sources, including KRAPPS and MacWorld.

One Last Thing
A new iNewz variant was also added to the family with this update: iNewz Green. For all your environmentally sound, eco-friendly green news in the palm of your hand.

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