Blogging Daddies

One of my recent online discoveries has been a blog called Dadabase, hosted by Parents magazine. It was actually through an article in their (electronic) magazine that I discovered it, and ever since then I have been an avid reader.

I can't say I agree completely with Dadabase author Nick Shell on everything, but it is fun to read about his experiences with his little boy, not least because he is about 6 months older than my own son so it is kind of like looking a little into the future!

Nick manages to post something almost every day, in addition to having a full time job and a baby. I don't know where he finds the time, or how he thinks of new topics, but I am enjoying reading his blog. I even have his Facebook page added to my news feed so I get the links to the articles there each day, as well as some occasional extra content.

One of the reasons I am blogging here in my own blog about my experiences with my little boy is that I don't think I'd be able to find the time or the topics to make a standalone daddy blog worth reading.

Does anybody out there have any other good daddy-oriented baby blogs they'd care to recommend?


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