Pebble Screen Protection

A while back I took delivery of my Pebble smart watch, and wrote up my initial reaction to the watch. Having lived with it for a while, I am still loving it (and it still gets comments and questions from people who see it). But everyday usage was starting to show too, with minor rubs and even one fairly annoying scratch in the center of the screen. 

Polish or Wrap?

I started my mission to fix these scratches and restore the initial beauty of the watch by looking for polish products that might work. I did find one product that said it would work on Pebble watches, but while researching I found several people who had simply installed a screen protecting wrap over the minor scratching and could no longer see them.

In particular, it seemed people who had tried wet process wraps had great results covering scratches. So, I ordered a few different options from Gadget Wraps. I got four clear wraps, and a mix of their colored wraps to try if I fancy a different colour Pebble.


The process sounds complicated, but the video on their how-to page made it much clearer. Spray a fine mist of water on the wrap & on the watch, apply, slide until it is centered and then leave for 5-10 minutes before smoothing down the four arms of the wrap. The instructions then recommend you leave it for 24 hours after which it will be ready to wear again (it was tough being without my Pebble for a day!).

Bubbles & Scratches

The one thing the instructions say is that any bubbles visible just after fitting it will disappear on their own as it dries. That took longer than I had expected, but after 3 days I have no visible bubbles at all and I am very happy with the way it looks on the watch. I installed a clear wrap first, and you cannot tell it is there.

Even better, the scratches that were on the screen of the watch (when did watch faces become screens?), are totally invisible under the wrap.


Even if I had gone for the polish, I was going to install a screen protector. Perhaps it is just me, but I find I bump or rub the watch on too many things (my wedding band suffers a similar fate). Yesterday was the first time I noticed this after fitting the wrap; coming back from picking up lunch to notice paint rubbed off a wall onto the front of the Pebble.

A little hand sanitizer (which I find to be a great cleaning product) on my finger wiped it off the surface of the wrap & no harm was done to the watch.


They are not cheap (mine were $9 for two, but I got a promo offer of four pairs for the price of three, and because I bought that many, free shipping), but replacing the Pebble would be more & the polish products I saw worked out about the same without the benefit of future protection.

I am happy, and would certainly recommend them to a Pebble owner looking to protect their smart watch from the effects of everyday life.