Déco Screws

Hanging pictures is one of those tasks that I always enjoy afterwards, but find annoying to do. Especially when the frames or canvas prints come with those strange gripper bars in the top center rather than more conventional wire or eyelets. Then there is messing around trying to get the hooks nailed in to the wall at the right angle so that they actually stay in the wall.

Today though I discovered a great product that makes things much simpler: Déco Screws. Simply screw them in to the wall and they can support up to 30 lbs (according the box – none of my picture frames are anywhere near that weight!). They work with the funny gripper bars (and remain invisible, unlike hooks which you can see over the top of the frame), eyelets and, of course, conventional wire.

I notice on their website they also have another product, Déco Nails, but the reviews on Amazon suggest these are not so good, so I will be sticking with the screw version.