FedEx Fails Again

A package was shipped to me last week from Fremont, about an hour drive south, via FedEx using their saver rate. The tracking showed that it arrived at the Oakland depot late Friday, so I thought it might arrive with me today, but, no, the tracking insists that it won’t complete that last hop from their depot to my door until Wednesday:

This is something I believe is unique to FedEx. Certainly OnTrac, and I believe even UPS, will deliver a package as soon as they can once it reaches its destination facility. FedEx on the other hand chooses to sit on packages at the last stop until the “correct” delivery date. Or, in other words, they are going to make sure you don’t get a saver rate package in less than three days since you didn’t pay for next day or two day. Pathetic, and yet another reason why given a choice I will never use nor recommend FedEx.

What is even more annoying is that the last time they did this, they also ran out of time on the scheduled day (and that was for a guaranteed two day delivery as well) and failed to deliver on time. Hopefully this time they will at least manage to deliver on Wednesday. It looks as though noting will happen until then though.

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