Time Dock Pebble 2

Around the time I signed up on Kickstarter for the Pebble Time 2, I also backed a project to create the second generation of a charging dock for Pebble Time watches. The gadget to the right arrived recently in the mail.

Up until now, when I charge my watch (roughly once a week), I leave it lying on the desk with the factory charging cable attached underneath. This turns my watch temporarily into a desk clock, so I can still see notifications etc while it charges. 

The Product

Firstly, what is it exactly? Well, it is an anodized aluminium (that’s aluminum for US readers) stand with a magnetic charging connector that allows the watch to be mounted on it, held in place by the two magnets, with the strap still attached whether it is a loop, or a two piece band. Not sure how well it would work with a single band NATO strap which goes under the watch, covering the charging port, but with my two piece Clockwork Synergy band it works well.

Behind the stand, a standard micro-USB connector provides the connection to power, and there is a notch in the base that grips the provided USB cable tightly, keeping it neat & tidy.

In Use

In use, the watch snaps easily onto the magnets & remains visible as a small desk clock thanks to a slight angle back:

Charging functions the same way as with the factory cable, but now it is held safely in place while it charges.

It is designed to be compatible with the Pebble Time 2 as well, so when that arrives I should be able to keep using it to charge the new watch as well.

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