Plug and Charge

Charging at Electrify America

While I had tried this a few days ago at our local Electrify America location, today I had to charge at Gilroy on my way home from a quick (shopping) trip to Monterey. Had I charged the car to 100%, I might have been able to make the whole trip without a charging stop, in sport mode.

I pulled into the charger with 24% remaining, set up the camera (not easy given how short the cables are on these chargers) and plugged the car in…

Plug and Charge

TL;DR Here are the key parts of the flow:

For some reason, even though I was plugged into a 350 kW charger, with the battery at a relatively low percentage. and warmed up a little at least, the maximum charge power I saw was 148 kW, and that was right at the start. Not sure why as I have seen 269 kW in the past on these chargers. It was enough for my needs today though.

Trip Stats

For completeness, here’s the trip stats for the shopping trip today:

Trip Statistics

Average consumption was not as good as previous trips, but then I did this whole drive in sport mode.

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