Pebble Battery Life

Given how random my Pebble’s battery life can be these days,I thought I would extract the battery level information from the logs they keep (tip: if you want to see these, just start the process to generate a support request but when the email editor opens change the recipient to your own address before sending).

The graph is quite telling:

That is a little over 6 days worth of data and clearly shows periods where the consumption is far faster than it should be to allow for several days of battery life. The last two days, I have had to charge the watch every night or risk having it run out mid way through the day (and I don’t want to carry the charging cable with me everywhere I go).

The most recent firmware was meant to address the crazy power consumption issue, but it looks from this chart as though their fix doesn’t change anything.

Flickr Oddities Today

Seems like there is something going on with those little JavaScript-enabled buttons over the top of images at Flickr today. I’ve had a number of times when they didn’t do anything, and then just now when I went to post the tree frogs photo to the blog, I got the strange title in the drop down instead of the normal one.