Akamai Down

Akamai DownParts of Akamai were down for about an hour tonight knocking several sites off the net essentially for some of us.

Here in Alameda, I was unable to get to Yahoo, Flickr, E*Trade or Apple because they all point at the local Akamai leaf node (a248.e.akamai.net) which was not responding at all. I’m sure many other sites that depend on the Akamai service to improve their performance and reliability were also affected. Looks like Akamai is not very fault tolerant.

Even Akamai’s own home page was inaccessible (as shown in the screen shot).

Flickr Oddities Today

Seems like there is something going on with those little JavaScript-enabled buttons over the top of images at Flickr today. I’ve had a number of times when they didn’t do anything, and then just now when I went to post the tree frogs photo to the blog, I got the strange title in the drop down instead of the normal one.