2024 Porsche Macan

While the Taycan was at the dealer for some work, they very kindly leant me a brand new (less than 500 miles on the clock) 2024 Macan. Not, of course, the upcoming EV version of the Macan, but a regular ICE version.

This captures a few of my thoughts on this vehicle, not compared to the Taycan, but to a 2018 Audi Q5 – its Audi badged cousin, but from 6 years ago.

I have also had previous model year Macans as loaner vehicles in the past, and a few of these observations are changes from those versions.

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EV Shopping

No, not for myself (I’m happy with my recent EV purchase), but for somebody else. We went out to look at three specific models, and to ask about some upcoming ones. We ended up adding one more to the list while we were out.

The original plan was to check out the VW dealer in Oakland, then the Kia dealer nearby, and finally drive to one of the few Hyundai dealers (we ended up picking the Hilltop one). The cars we were interested in seeing and driving were the ID.4, the Kona EV, eNiro and to find out more about the Hyundai Ioniq 5 / Kia EV6.

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Toddler Book: B Is For Bulldozer

Purchased at the same time as My Truck Is Stuck, B Is For Bulldozer by June Sobel & Melissa Iwai, also made it into the nightly reading list on a regular basis for our little boy.

Cleverly designed such that each page represents a letter of the alphabet, the book describes the construction and opening of a new theme park. Most of the time the rhyming works well, and this book was also a firm favourite.

Adult Opinion

Personally, while I like the overall concept, the title is a little misleading (the bulldozer only appears on the one page!) and I think the highlighted letter for each page is totally lost on our little one right now. 

Again, I would give this a three star rating if it wasn’t for the number of times it was requested by our little boy for his evening reading. So, on the basis of that, I think it too gets a four star rating.

No reviews?

No reviews...Devicescape’s new application, a version of Easy Wi-Fi especially for AT&T, has been in the app store now for a few days. The screen shot here from my iPhone shows that it has no reviews (and if you scroll down to the bottom, the place where the link to any reviews is found also says that there are no reviews.

So what? It’s only been a few days after all. But wait, if you click on that button to open the reviews page, you get this:

But really five reviews!

So there are actually five reviews. Why doesn’t the app store app indicate that?

And want another mystery? See that average ranking there – 3.5 stars, well I don’t know how they calculate it because all five of those reviews have 5 star ratings. Last time I checked, 5 * 5 / 5 is 5, not 3.5.

Seems the app store has a number of basic arithmetic problems! And this is not going to help developers much. The ratings and review system is bad enough as it is, but this makes it worse still. An average of 3.5 when all the ratings shown in the reviews are 5 star is pretty damaging. Have you checked whether your aggregate rating is correct?