Bay Ship

Bay ShipMore photos of the sunset over the city tonight, only tonight I had the 20D with me, so the photos are sharper! Also got this reflection of one of Bay Ship’s sheds reflecting in the almost totally still water it is built over.

The ship yard was still busy, with crews working on the luxury motor yacht Pangaea (which has been in the yard pretty much the whole year – and seems to be undergoing a major refit) as well as some other vessels they have up on shore or in the floating dry dock.

Ferry Terminal Sunset

Ferry Terminal SunsetStepping off the ferry this evening in Alameda, this was the view down the estuary back towards San Francisco! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 20D with me, just the trusty Nokia N95, and while the shot is still beautiful, I have to admit it did not do the scene justice. Tomorrow, and perhaps for the rest of this week, I will carry the 20D with me too!

I actually have a few from last week when I took it, but still need to upload those. Watch for more sunset photos in the Flickr stream this week…