C.Y.S.M.P. Progressing

Well, I got a few more of the pages working last night on my local server here at home. All the main pages are now running, the database is also running smoothly, and several of the pop-up pages are also done. The rest shouldn’t take too long, but it does look as though web sites like this take a minimum of 2 weeks of effort to put together.

What is C.Y.S.M.P. exactly? It’s a system for job seekers to (a) track the companies that they are interested in working for, and (b) attempt to find contacts at those companies who can help get them a position. The latter of these is kind of like the Kevin Bacon thing – with enough members in the system, it should be possible for the site to find a path through the members and their contacts to a contact in most companies. Once it has a path, it can send an email to the member at the start of the chain requesting an introduction to their contact.

Will it work? I don’t know. It will depend a lot on how many members are signed up and actively using the system to track their contacts, and how willing people are to provide introductions to their contacts. The system will never reveal one member’s contact to another member, so the introductions are essential if the thing is going to work.

Right now, I’m heading out to lunch. Going to be working on something else this afternoon, but hope to get some more of the pages written tonight, and maybe even get an alpha release up on blueDonkey.org today.