Mark Comes to Stay

My long time friend Mark Collier dropped by to stay Friday night just before heading home to Cambridge (UK). He’d been over for a business trip last week, and took an extra week here as vacation to see a few friends and relatives on the west coast. I’ve known Mark since starting work in Crawley in 1993; oddly, I’ve known his father a little longer as he was the Dean of my faculty at university!

Kitty joined us for dinner at Basil Thai in San Francisco Friday night, followed by a cocktail in Equinox – San Francisco’s revolving restaurant atop the Hyatt hotel at the Embarcadero Center.

It was great seeing you again Mark… hope you had a good flight back, even without the $75 “upgrade” to exit row seating (yes, Virgin actually tried to sell an exit row seat as an upgrade when he asked if any were open!).