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This morning was the special viewing of the new homes being built in Alameda on the site of the old naval base housing: Bayport Alameda. The grand opening is next week, but for those who were registered on their mailing list, and like me have been watching the houses appear, today was a chance to look around.

There are 10 models (9 real ones, and the sales office which is also a model, though much harder to imagine because of the changes made to make it a viable sales office space). Of the 10, the four in the photos below were our favourites (though I could easily live in any of the ten models):

Cove - Malpeque Cove - Trinity
Harbor - Athena Pointe - Riviera

The four models shown are:

  1. Cove – Malpeque
  2. Cove – Trinity
  3. Harbor – Athena
  4. Pointe – Riviera

5 thoughts on “Bayport Alameda

  1. Wow, a blog on bayport! 🙂 Are you looking to purchase a house as well?

  2. i would like more info as to when to see the models (phone number to talk to a real person

  3. You can see the models 7 days a week. The opening times are Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm; and on Monday between 2pm to 5pm.

    There is a number to call them on their website, though every time I’ve called it has been answered by voicemail. I call in now when I need to ask them something.

  4. My fiancee and I are buying a Cove (Plan 8) in Bayport (successful lottery in the last phase). The sales people seem to push for Bayport Mortgage who talk a good story but I was wondering whether they live up to their talk. Do you (or anyone else) have any feedback (pos or neg) on their rates, process, customer service, etc.?


  5. Congratulations on getting your house! I don’t have any direct experience with their mortgage people, but you might want to check out the forums at for information on that front. I would also do some research into other mortgage companies – it is quite a competitive market, and I doubt that the builder’s own company competes that agressively since they have the builder’s sales people pushing people towards them.

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