Register suffers DDOS attack

One of my favourite tech-news sources, The Register, was hit by a DDOS attack yesterday. I noticed that the site was inaccessible in the early hours of the morning here in California.

It is sad that there are people out there who think that it is smart to take down somebody else’s site. It’s a shame that those people cannot spend their time contributing their own content to the world instead of just destroying other people’s. And why attack a news site like the Register?

Of course, it would also help if the thousands of zombie Windoze boxes that enable people to run these attacks so easily were not on the internet. I think it is about time that Windoze boxes were banned from connection to the internet until MS completely re-writes the whole OS in a secure way (assuming that they know how to do that). Either that, or bill them for each one of these attacks that originates from machines running their crappy excuse for an OS.

And, while we’re on that subject, I have a better plan for controlling spam too. Rather than Bill’s plan that would have us all pay him to send email, I propose something that would charge MS for every spam email sent via a zombie Windoze box. That should be enough of an incentive for MS to actually plug the holes in the OS.

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