Phase 15 Information

Thanks to Peter for the average prices of the phase 15 (Pointe) release tomorrow I have updated the three price tracking graphs. I will update the master plan tomorrow too.

Remember that if you’ve looked at the graphs recently you might need to refresh the images in your browser’s cache (hold shift down and click the reload button does it in most browsers).

Update: Master plan now updated as well.

6 thoughts on “Phase 15 Information

  1. Came across this site as I was searching for Bayport. We were there this weekend to look at the models and are pretty darn impressive.

    This site is way too cool … I don’t recall seeing a blog for any other property in the bay area. Kinda indicates the demand for the houses, I suppose.

    There’s going to be a big release (12 homes) on 11/20. Hope to see you folks there.

  2. John- Great stuff! We really hope you get it this time! We will be crossing our fingers for you.

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