Devicescape Software, Inc.

Today, Monday January 17, 2005 marks the day when Instant802 Networks, the company I joined around 18 months ago, becomes Devicescape Software.

A few people around the SF bay area might have already caught sight of the yellow sweatshirts sporting the new company marketing device (they were handed out at a private launch party last Thursday held at the Bubble Lounge in San Francisco). The photo on the right is a clue as to why the rotated letter ‘e’ is the ‘icon’ over the name. You’ll find similar shots on the new website, though perhaps none as good as this one 😉 That said, next time I will remember to clean my keyboard before taking photos – you can see the dust on the top of the power button if you look closely! [Hint: you’ll probably want to click on the photo to get the larger version before looking for this.]

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