2700 Moraga Street

Yesterday afternoon we stopped by an art-deco style house in the sunset district of San Francisco (on the corner of Moraga Street & 33rd Avenue). The house, being offered by Zephyr Real Estate, has outstanding views over the Pacific Ocean and beautiful hardwood floors throughout. Upstairs, the feel is very much art-deco sophistication. The kitchen includes a diner-style breakfast nook. Downstairs, the family room has a wet bar, and wood panel walls, making for a very cabin-like feel.

On the downside, both the kitchen & bathroom would need some updating, and it was a little smaller than we were looking for, especially for the $798,000 asking price. The third bedroom, downstairs off the garage, is also more of an office space. With only a powder room downstairs it is less practical as a guest bedroom.

The shot above was one I snapped as we were leaving the house. The listing on Zephyr’s website has more photos; here’s a few of the interior ones:

Dining room

Living room


Family room


2 thoughts on “2700 Moraga Street

  1. i was randomly looking through sold homes, try to see what seems overpriced, or just plain crazy. googled this address after seeing something way in the avenues sold for 1.025 mil. fun huh. 800K a little too much for it, I’m sure ;p

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