Charts & Plan Updated

I have finally updated the charts with the average prices that Carl kindly posted again. I’ve also rescaled the three charts to cope with the fact that plan 12 was over $1M (which was the upper limit on the y-axis previously).

I’ve also greyed out phase 19 in the master plan. Sorry it took so long this time. New charts for all the groups are below.

14 thoughts on “Charts & Plan Updated

  1. John, thanks for the updated charts. Looks like Phase 18 (Harbor) was inadvertently left out of the charts. Here are the avg prices for Phase 18:

    3: 729464

    4: 766323

    5: 786877


  2. If this weekend’s crowd at Bayport was any indication, there should be another big turnout on Saturday (19th) for the phase 21 and 22.

  3. Curious to hear from existing residents regarding natural light in their homes. I’d be particularly interested in hearing from those who are not on end lots.

  4. Avg prices for the 3/19 release are:

    Phase 21

    3: –

    4: 802584

    5: 817584

    Phase 22:

    6: 831618

    7: 852798

    8: 867718

    9: 909690


  5. Looks like there was a release today, Saturday March 19. Tons of cars parked in the lot and along the streets.

  6. Well, 14 people had a good day this morning when they were picked in the lottery. Congratulations to them. Unfortunately for the majority of us it wasn’t.
    This was my first Bayport lottery, but it seemed like it was a record turnout. Judging by the numbers in the tickets called out, there must have been around 150 tickets for a combined 14 houses (12 Cove + 2 Harbor).
    Better luck next time I hope.

  7. Phase 21 and 22 released only 13 homes to the lottery. One Cove was presold to a VIP (blah!).
    The average prices were:
    Plan 6: $831,618
    Plan 7: $852,798
    Plan 8: $867,718
    Plan 9: $909,690

  8. Does anyone have any news about how the turnout was for Phase 19 (Pointe)? We’re curious, since Bayport started advertising earlier this year… thanks!

  9. re: turnout for phase 19, I hear there were 40 families contending for the 10 or so houses.

  10. Re: natural light:

    It depends on the plan! I know the plan 10s have a open air courtyard in the middle so this results in lots of light for the surrounding rooms.

  11. Great blog … looks like the graphs haven’t been updated (or am I missing something)?


  12. No, you’re not missing anything – I was away (in a place without internet) until Monday. Graphs (and master plan) will be updated tonight I hope.

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