I have been wondering what, if anything, to say about this week’s cowardly attacks in London. In the end, I think the message that I took away from the many posts I’ve read on news websites, and perhaps more importantly blogs, is that London has demonstrated to the world exactly how to deal with terrorist attacks: pause to treat the injured & respect the dead, support their families & friends, and then calmly resume life.

In addition to the photo reproduced here which I believe captures what I see happening (albeit from 6000 miles away) in London almost perfectly, I also recommend London Bombings: Personal Reflections at PhotoSydney, A Letter To The Terrorists, From London from the London News Review, a posting at The Triforce that starts “A funny thing happened to me on the way to work this morning. My tube blew up.” and a posting at Casino Avenue.

Finally Flickring the London Bombings at the Daily Irrelevant ends with: Yesterday, the reaction from Brits seemed to be “Eh, fuck yeh, we’ve been through this before. I’m going down to the pub for a pint.” ‘Nuff said.

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