Phase 31 Update (Cove)

Once again, thanks to Carl for the numbers. As those who are on the Bayport MSN group will know, we are once again considering Bayport (in fact I would have liked to be at today’s lottery, but once again travel plans got in the way of that). I am going to get all the paperwork updated though so that we are back on the pre-approved list for the next ones (plan to bike over in a minute to sort that out). The master plan has been updated too.

How was this morning’s lottery for those that went? Is the turnout still as high?

3 thoughts on “Phase 31 Update (Cove)

  1. Phase 34 prices (release date: Aug 27)

    3: 806714

    4: 840084

    5: 861977

    John, can you please update the charts and the map with this info? Thanks and good luck in the lottery tomorrow.


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