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Cove PricesI have been working on moving the graph generation from a spreadsheet on my laptop to something more automated, and also integrating the date information kindly provided by Jennifer and Carl into them. Now I have something I think will be the beginning of a more flexible graphing page where you will be able to select which plans and which date ranges or phase ranges you wish to graph. For the moment I have set it to only generate three graphs, one for each collection, but watch for the form based system with options for other graphs soon. You can see the graphs at a new URL:, although I will probably continue to link to the graphs from here as well.

For those interested in what is going on behind the scenes here, I have entered all the data into a database on the webserver, and using a PHP script I can extract subsets of the data from the database and the plot these graphs using a package called JpGraph. JpGraph seems to be very powerful. I don’t think I am really scratching the surface of what it can do so far – expect more graphs to follow.

Also, if anybody has min & max prices for each plan in each release, I have slots for that in the database too. I might then see about plotting a vertical on each release point that covers the range of prices for that plan on that day.

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  1. Thanks for the update. The new graph is looking spiffy and will look even more “spiffier” once you have the ability to generate custom graphs.

    Big release coming up tomorrow (22 Oct), Phase 36 (Pointe) and 37 (Cove).

    Good luck.

  2. Phase 36 (Pointe)

    10: 1,022,025

    11: 1,060,575

    12: 1,081,050

    Phase 37 (Cove)

    6: 890505

    7: 930078

    8: 948300

    9: 989718

  3. Fixed the release without a plan 10 and also the two Harbor releases that did not have plan 3 houses in them. I copied the prices from the block in the spreadsheet I used to generate the graphs before, and I had to put something in there to avoid a line down to zero. My new system using the database is much, much better at handling this so now I don’t have to add fake points in the dataset.

    Also added the two new releases; we are still trying to work out whether or not to attend tomorrow – the prices are now higher than we originally thought we could afford so now we need to reassess.

    Tonight I want to do a little more work on the graph drawing and then I’ll try to put up a form where people can select the date ranges or phases and the collection that they’re interested in.

  4. 10/22/05:
    6 – $888,755 (min), $892,255 (max)
    7 – $929,240 (min), $930,915 (max)
    8 – $948,300 (min=max)
    9 – $984,700 (min), $994,665 (max)

    3 – $804,214 (min=max)
    4 – $839,084 (min), $842,584 (max)
    5 – $861,924 (min), $862,584 (max)

    Phase 31:
    6 – $877,255 (min=max)
    7 – $916,740 (min), $919,475 (max)
    8 – $930,800 (min), $932,475 (max)
    9 – $965,490 (min), $971,345 (max)

    Phase 30:
    3 – $794,464 (min=max)
    4 – $828,084 (min), $831,584 (max)
    5 – $847,084 (min), $847,424 (max)

    Phase 29:
    6 – $856,740 (min=max)
    7 – $866,505 (min=max)
    8 – $899,305 (min), $902,680 (max)
    9 – $935,490 (min), $941,100 (max)

    Phase 27
    3 – $786,160 (min=max)
    4 – $823,280 (min=max)
    5 – $841,280 (min), $846,780 (max)

    Phase 22
    6 – $831,255 (min), $832,345 (max)
    7 – $851,740 (min), $854,915 (max)
    8 – $864,615 (min), $869,800 (max)
    9 – $901,740 (min), $918,665 (max)

    Phase 19
    10 – $924,125 (min), $926,124 (max)
    11 – $955,990 (min), $978,995 (max)
    12 – $999,995 (min), $1,010,075 (max)

  5. After 5 tries, we were selected this morning! Turnout was definitely lower, although there continued to be a mix of repeat participants and first-timers. Several people who had already selected a house (us included) had their tickets drawn a second time.

    1/2 dozen or more tickets were drawn for the final Cove lot (Plan 6). Never thought I’d see so many people pass.

    I also heard one of the sales reps say that there were several Harbor homes from the last phase that weren’t sold.

  6. Congrats on getting your house. I was there this morning, and exactly like every other one I’ve been to (this must have been the sixth or seventh) our number was not drawn. I don’t know what it has been like this year since today was the first I’ve been to this year, but today seemed very similar to previous ones we attended with the exception of the multiple tickets for repeat visitors. In the past, plan 6 houses always seemed harder to sell, and were frequently passed on. The same was true of plan 3 in the harbor collection.

    I might ask about the harbor plans that were not sold in the last release, although I suspect the ones from the plan we like (#5) would have gone first; that was certainly how it used to play out. We are also still looking elsewhere and since the lottery system still seems to be as frustrating as ever I might put more energy into the alternatives than I have been.

  7. Jennifer, congratulations! What plan did you end up getting? btw, there are only two Harbor homes unsold from the earlier releases (the third one is “on hold”).

    John, perhaps you will have better luck next time (I think the next Cove release is in the second week of Nov).

    Anybody know why these Harbor homes did not sell?

  8. We have a plan 6 and in our opinion, it’s a gem. Too bad the plan 6 model is altered and functions as the main sales office. Visitors miss out on one of the main features: the fabulous, well-designed kitchen with large island center that opens up into the living room via a curved arch. It’s a warm and comfortable area for lots of family time and entertaining guests. We also love the courtyard, which is independent of the backyard, and allows for two differently stylized outdoor spaces. We’re using one for a children’s play area and the other for entertaining. Too bad those people passed up on the 6. We think they really missed out…

  9. I often wondered why they don’t have photos of the real interior of a plan 6 house so people can get more of a feel for it than the sales office provides. I think that this is what puts people off of it a little. If our number had been drawn on Saturday we’d have taken it, although I have to admit the plan 7 houses were our first choice on Saturday (and have been on our list of favourites since the we first started going).

  10. I think the next release is around the second week of Nov … please confirm with the sales office. They were talking of a Pointe/Cove combo release this time as well.

  11. Prices for tomorrow’s (11/12) release:

    Phase 38 (Pointe)

    11: 1,076,250

    12: 1,102,365

    Phase 39 (Cove)

    6: 904,755

    7: 945,240

    8: 965,092

    9: 1,015,358

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