Walking around outside my hotel in Tokyo on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving looking for a Starbucks that was open (the one right next door to the hotel was closed), I walked past this building. I think it is probably the most unusual building I’ve seen in Tokyo, and I cannot fathom why anybody would build anything like it. Still, it makes for a fine photo opportunity so I can’t complain 🙂

4 thoughts on “Shimbashi

  1. as the kanji says shizuoka shinbun (shizuoka newspaper and broadcasting, essentially) it’s probably some sort of media transmission structure.

    i knew i knew those kanji. i used to live in shizuoka prefecture … i vaguely remember seeing an architecture week article about this structure.

  2. I discovered that one of the Christmas specials, called a Creme Brulee latte, is really good. Unfortunately, it would seem that you cannot get it in the US. Also, trying to ask for it in Japan was interesting – I ended up having to point at the sign board each time 🙂

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