Harajuku Makeup

Sitting on the side of the Jingu-bashi bridge, just outside Harajuku JR station, methodically applying makeup as the first step of her transformation from a teenage girl into a Harajuku Girl.

Update: I found another photo of her taken the same day, but once her makeup was complete and she was posing for the cameras. And I wasn’t even looking for that – I simply followed some links and found the photo by chance.

14 thoughts on “Harajuku Makeup

  1. Interesting shot, especially fun that you somehow found mine taken the very same day of the very same girl! The makeup and costumes are so intricate. its an artform really, the ‘harajuku art’. I enjoyed the experience, though I found some of the harajuku persons a little bit frightening.

  2. Indeed, they do spend a lot of time on the costumes and the makeup, and I love the way they bring it all with them in little roller-cases. The one above actually came in perfectly normal clothing – some of her friends were helping her get into the blue outfit just as I got there.

    It was odd finding your photo too – basically by pure chance – I was following a link to somebody’s collection of favourites and then looking at other photos by that they liked, and others by the people they liked. Glad I did though as I hadn’t seen her fully made-up; I left not long after taking the photo above.

  3. lmao shes not weird i was hanging out with her and her friends last weekend. and then moved back to the “goth” kids there fun. but ya our outfits and everything are fun but its the only time we really get to be ourselves with our friends other then that style is everything right

  4. She is actually portarying a famous Japanese cartoon character, Doraemon wearing kigurumi, which..for lack of better words, is like a huge pajama costume, they are quite fun to wear. Especially into your local wal-mart at 1am.

  5. i dn’t like the picture. according to my calculations, the female is a chapa>a chinese person

  6. ieuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    So … I want to say
    But it’s so tiupid!!!
    (she or he???)
    Okay it’s so look like ghosh!!!!

  7. Gothic Lolita (or lolita in general) is a beautiful way of celebrating individuality and wonderful style sense. Candy Violet, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Atelier Boz are some of the best designer brands, but making your own is much more fun. Frustrating, but fun. 🙂

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