Bayport Phase 41

Thanks to Bayport_Resident for posting the prices from Saturday’s release in the Bayport discussion forums. My database has been updated with the new average prices, so the graph for the Cove series will now include this phase.

I wasn’t in the country for this release, so I don’t have any information about the attendance, but I did notice a followup posting to the price information stating that a couple of plan 6 homes were not sold. That’s the second time a lottery has finished with homes unsold – something that never happened in the early days (although the plan 6 homes did always seem harder to sell, based a lot I suspect on the lack of a real model for that plan).

5 thoughts on “Bayport Phase 41

  1. Avg (approx) prices for Phase 44 and 45 (based on the info available at

    Phase 44:

    3: 835964

    4: 869084

    5: 887964

    Phase 45:

    6: 913755

    7: 978782

    8: 998240

    9: 1023740

  2. I think I might have messed up the numbering in the previous post, tomorrow’s (Mar 4) release also says Phase 45. I’ll just call this Phase 45a for now.

    Phase 45a (Pointe, Mar 4)

    10: 1059602

    11: 1107625

    12: 1142528

  3. John, are you still looking @ Bayport? There are a few homes still available, I think …

  4. Funny you should ask, we were in there today looking and they actually have quite a lot available (including most of last week’s Pointe release as far as I can see from the lists). We’re seriously thinking about it.

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