Tragedy at Sea: RIP Steve Irwin

Today a tragedy has occurred. One of the worlds most passionate supporters of animal welfare, top educators and best know TV personalities has died. Steve Irwin, perhaps better known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed earlier today by a stingray while filming an underwater segment for a future television program that his daughter was to host.

Reports suggest that he was swimming alongside the stingray, while a cameraman swam in front, perhaps scaring the stingray into flicking its tail and barbed stinger up in a defensive maneuvre. The barb, which can be up to 12 inches long, pierced Steve’s heart. Stingrays are normally fairly passive, preferring to swim away rather than an engage even an attacker. Most human injuries by stingray come from accidentally treading on them, and are relatively minor.

It is sad to lose such a great advocate for the animals on our planet, and even worse that it was an animal as passive and graceful as a stingray that should be the cause of that loss.

Rest in peace Steve.

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