Things Tourists Say

A long time ago, about 7 years in fact, I pulled a list of silly things that tourists say out of a paper in Vancouver because they amused me. While unpacking boxes yesterday I found it again and thought I’d share my favourites with you:

  • Do you drink salt water or fresh water?
  • What’s the fastest way to drive to Vancouver Island?
  • What’s that in real money?
  • How much is $8.95?
  • Do I have to get Canadian money while I’m here?
  • Is there any money I can get that’s all one colour? It’s too hard in different colours.
  • If I come up there with my kids can someone show me how to build an igloo?
  • What’s the weather going to be like when we visit in two weeks?
  • Can I go see polar bears in Victoria?
  • If it rains on Monday, can you guarantee it won’t rain on Tuesday?
  • Are the trees real?
  • How much do your totem poles grow each year?
  • Do you guys speak English or Canadian?
  • Can I get the Canadian flag in a different colour?
  • Is it called British Columbia because you’re part of England?
  • I have a pistol I want to bring across – is that OK?

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