Woke up this morning to over 1000 bounce messages in my inbox, and a steady stream being added as I deleted them. Seems that once again somebody has decided to use my domain name for their spam, sending out thousands of emails (no doubt using a network of unprotected machines running that garbage that Microsoft calls an operating system and claims is the most secure out there, confirming how little they understand about security). Some of those messages are being blocked by spam filters and bounces returned to me. Others, I’m sure, are getting through.

All the ones I’ve looked at so far are using jewbluedonkeygox as the sender’s email address, although if this abuse of my domain name follows the pattern of previous ones they will start to change that soon.

Something needs to be done about this kind of behaviour, and the only obvious place to strike is the seller of the garbage being advertised in the spam. They are obviously funding these messages, either directly or more likely via referral codes. That kind of activity needs to be made so expensive for them that it is not worthwhile. Allowing them to just block the one referrer does nothing; most of these spammers have enough referral codes that they will not really notice a single one being blocked.

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