Flickr Broken

Went to my Flickr contacts page this morning to see what my new photos were there, and I was greeted with this:

Thinking that it must be my browser I tried reloading, then I tried actually clicking through into the pages for the individual photos. But no, always a broken image 🙁

Update: Seems to be related to which of the servers your images are stored on. If your photos are on then they appear to be broken; if you’re lucky, and your images are on farm1 then they’ll be working. Looks like somebody changed the DNS entries for the servers and one has made it through the system, the other hasn’t. More information in the Flickr forum thread.

Update 2: Looks like the problem is not Flickr, but rather DNS coming either from some providers in Europe or from FON. Another person reporting the issue here this morning was on a FON router.

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