108″ LCD

108" LCDOur 52″ Sharp Aquos LCD does look a little small at times, so I guess this would have been a better choice, at least if there was no limit on the budget (as it was, the 52″ was only possible because it was last year’s model on deep discount).

If 108 inches is not enough for you, then take a look at Panasonic’s 150″ plasma – the world’s largest TV so they claim.

Personally, I think the 52″ screen is fine; the 65″ would have been nice too, but wasn’t worth the difference. More interesting to me was the number of screens on show that were only an inch or so thick (or perhaps that should be thin). At that size, I can see them becoming art installations, connected to a server in the house, or even out on the net, to provide a near infinite source of art choices.

Two companies, Sony and Samsung, were showing off ultra-HD sets too (basically four 1080p screens in one). Not sure what value this has today for video, but if it can be made inch-thin then it will certainly be better for showing that art work off. Talking of Samsung, not sure what they missed about the concept of a trade show, but they had ‘no photography’ signs all over their booth!

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  2. Hey did you see that Sony has started a project for ultra HD – its 4×4 HD so 16 times the pixels. The uncompressed video stream is 33Gbp/s !!!

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