The 27 Hour Birthday

End of the DayIt’s not every year that you get to extend your birthday into a 27 hour day. Sounds good? Well, I’m not so sure. The day started at an airport hotel in Canada, where it is definitely winter! And since I’d only just arrived, I wasn’t ready to sleep.

All too soon it was 6am, and time to get up and head off for a meeting (the whole reason I was in Canada). By 4pm I was back at the airport, but unable to move my flight to the earlier departure. Four and a half hours, and two gate changes later I’m still waiting for a plane to show up. We should be leaving here in about 15 minutes, but that would require a miracle at this point.

Theoretically at least, I should get back into San Francisco just before midnight. And that means my birthday this year will have been a 27 hour day. Much of it spent either at an airport, or on a plane 🙁

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