PowerBook Crash After 10.4.11 Update

Not so good!This is the screen I was greeted with the other day when I woke my PowerBook up. I’ve done this for years without seeing any problems, then they updated to 10.4.11 and it now my poor PowerBook fails to wake up from sleep mode at least half the time.

Normally it crashes before the screen is woken up so I can’t see what’s going on. I’ve had a few crash reports on the next reboot (all pointing at a null pointer access in the video driver). Looks like somebody has screwed something up in the power management code of the video driver.

It is very annoying though, and takes a forced shutdown and reboot to get the machine back. Doesn’t take that long since Mac OS X boots fast, but it is still disappointing when the machine has been rock solid for the 5 years I’ve had it, and rebooting has been something I only do after updates. Oh, and the fact that this problem appeared just after the last “security” update makes me very suspicious of that update. Hope they fix it soon (I keep sending them the crash reports).

2 thoughts on “PowerBook Crash After 10.4.11 Update

  1. any particular reason for avoiding the leopard koolaid? i’ve been running it on an ibook (which i admittedly don’t use much any more) with no issues.

  2. Mostly, I hadn’t upgraded because nothing in there was that compelling and I couldn’t be bothered with the process. Now though, have researched my current problems, it is definitely off the list as people have been reporting the same crashing on resume on PowerBooks with all versions of Leopard.

    My guess is that I am the beneficiary of a back ported video driver update that is broken (judging from the crash reports, it is in the video driver).

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