Torpedo Alley

At the end of last week, ourLivez LLC, my fledgling mobile app development company, launched its first game for iOS devices (iPhones, iPod touches and iPads): Torpedo Alley.

The game is pretty simple in concept, but surprisingly addictive. Fire your torpedo at just the right time to hit the mothership on one of its two weak spots, destroying it. You have at most 5 torpedoes to achieve this goal. As you progress through the game though, defending mini-subs appear to block your torpedoes.

On the iPad, the extra screen space allows us to support two player mode so you can play with a friend for added fun (not to mention the extra element of strategy from allowing your friend to take out the defending mini-subs allowing you a clear shot at the mothership!).

Want to see a preview of the game in action? Check out our YouTube video:

All of that fun is just US$0.99 (or equivalent in other currencies). Buy now from the App Store.

The app is on Facebook as well, and we’d love it if you could ‘like’ our page:

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