Today marks the first day of my return to work. My four and a half months off were good (and I wish I could afford to do my own thing every day), but I received an offer that was really too good to turn down.

My new employer is a small startup company about 20 miles from Alameda (so not ideal in terms of a commute – have to cross the bay bridge and then drive to a place called Brisbane, just south of San Francisco). The office is right beside the bay, on the peninsula side. I was thinking about getting a boat to commute with since my apartment is by the bay as well – that would make for an unconventional commute at the very least, and it would certainly avoid the traffic problems of the bridge.

Anyway, the company’s name is Instant802 Networks, and they are working on wireless networking software and embedded Linux. Check out the web site for a little more information, and to check out an open source product that the company released a while back.

2 thoughts on “Instant802

  1. Cool John. I am please to hear you have work.
    Now if Hama and Jerald would just get a job…

    Bonne Chance,

  2. Great! I knew you found a new job but it turned out the same company where Kent Long works. 802.11 wireless networking is really hot these days and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    Send my best regard to Kent as well.


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