Just watched Real Time with Bill Maher, a show I think that more Americans should watch (in some ways it is a pity that it is airing on a premium cable/satellite channel). The guests normally include at least person who is a little controversial; this week’s show had Ann Coulter.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t the person with the most controversial statement IMHO, though she was quick to support it. Instead, Californian Congressman Dana Rohrabacher wins my award for arrogance this week with this statement:

Europeans don’t look at marriage as being something that is a love and a relationship. … Americans take a relationship with their husband or wife much more seriously.”

Not be outdone, Ann Coulter followed it up with:

American liberals are like Europeans that way you know, abortion, adultery, lies, no church-going.

These statements were prompted by some comment about the Italian prime minister not appearing too upset about the fact that his wife was having an affair with the former mayor of Venice. I guess that rather than down playing his personal life in the media, he should have started a massive public enquiry, costing tens of millions of Euros so that he could have had all the gory details of the affair published as a best-selling paperback…

Orlando Jones, the third panel member on the show, seemed to have the right idea when he said that Americans were just too uptight about this stuff. Everybody knows that it is going on over here, and it is just that the Europeans have a more mature response to it. Although, to be fair, he might take that comment back if he read some of the British tabloids 🙂

5 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. This womanis incredible, I am amazed that people actually take her seriously. Besides her strange opinions, it appears from what I hear of her books that she plays fast and loose with facts as well. A loser savant. DGC

  2. > This week’s (Real Time w/ Bill Maher) panel included a
    > woman I think that all Americans should work to exile, Ann Coulter.
    > To be fair, despite her normal level of extreme right wing crap (including the
    > statement that “liberal sex is joyless” – apparently you need to be right wing

    Ann is an odd paradox – a physical figure of gristle
    combined with a brain of obtuse intellectual flab!

    (She is funny sometimes…)

    Bill Maher is a bit hawkish for my tastes,
    but I never miss a show!

    > “Europeans don’t look at marriage as being something that is a love
    > and a relationship. … Americans take a relationship with their husband
    > or wife much more seriously”

    That is a bigoted myopic jingoistic nationalistic false statement.
    If that dude is what it is to be American then, hell, call me a traitor.


    “Fabiani, if NPR is too right wing for you,
    you will not be happy in this country” – RS

  3. When Clinton was busted for the whole Cigar Job,
    Auntie Ria and I traded a few emails. The thing
    that cracked me up was her whole take on it.
    “I don’t know why the americans are so upset
    about this Clinton thing. In France, if a
    politician can’t handle a wife and a mistress,
    we think, how the hell can he handle a whole

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