Hawaiian Photographers

While in Hawaii I noticed that several places were selling pre-matted photos from local photographers. Luckily, most of these photos had a bio of the photographer on the back, often including a website. So, here’s a collection of links to these sites, in no particular order. The photo on the right, by Tom Yim of panographics.net, is perhaps my favourite.

  1. Tom Yim – panographics.net
  2. Hal Krause – Hal Krause Photography
  3. Victoria McCormick
  4. Vincent K. Tylor – Hawaiian Photos
  5. Monica and Michael Sweet – Gallery Sweet

If you have any other Hawaiian photography links, or you are a Hawaiian photographer with a gallery on the web, leave me a comment.

I also have a lot of photos of my own from the trip, some of which I will get up here over the holiday I hope.

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